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A gentleman would be ashamed, should his deeds not match his words                                      – K’ung Fu-tzu

Please, this is important.  We seem to have a misunderstanding at the track.  This is YOUR track.  We run it for YOU.  Smooth operation of this facility requires respect and honor on everyone’s part.  We should all be trying to improve this facility.  You should feel proud enough to bring your friends and family to show them where you spend your time and energy without fear of incidents.  It is almost as bad if the incident has not involved you or yours.

Allow me to spell it out:

Speak supportively, especially to children.  Adhere to the wristband policies.  Try not to break track property, or any one elses property, admit to accidents if you do.  Try not to break the rules on or off track, and definitely discourage your kids when they claim they will break them in an upcoming race.  Teach them to be honorable by acting honorably yourself.  Do help to make this facility one that is fun and welcoming to newcomers.

The first time wristbands are not properly worn may be a mistake, but when veterans have a problem with it, it can not be a mistake.  The same is true with the stop sign at the gate.  When the soap dispenser break by accident, the track is informed.  Without reporting an accident, it does not look like an accident.  The idea of acting poorly to children is not proper, nor is indicative of the caliber of people this facility attracts.  It is an act of emotion.  Adults are expected to control their emotions.  It is embarrassing to lose your temper, maybe not immediately, but eventually.  It is hard to watch others overreact.  If you feel so strongly about a situation that you can not handle the situation respectfully, ask for help dealing with it from the staff.  Les and I, Greg, are able and willing to mediate any and all situations that warrant the attention.

Please remember, everything that we do teaches a lesson.  It is taught to our children as well as each other.  Do the right thing, be responsible for your actions.  Count to ten, breathe slowly, then determine how to properly react prior to executing your reaction.

I guess what I mean to say is that this is YOUR track.  No one wants more rules, more security, or more problems.  There does not need to be as long as the respect, honesty, and honor system works.  Please help to improve the feeling at the track.  We want a family friendly environment.  We do not want to cringe because someone is swearing in front of our children.  The list goes on and on of ways that there is little respect issued.  We can focus more on the racing aspects if we do not have these petty issues that should not exist with responsible adults.

I regret the need for this post greatly, as the majority are not involved, but look forward to the time that these issues are behind us entirely.  If you are in the moral majority, help police the minority.  Peer pressure is a powerful tool.