As a reminder, we will be holding another backwards Endurance Race on Sunday, September 25th. Please see our Endurance Events tab on our website for more details.

Recently, we have gotten some input and new ideas for next seasons Endurance Races. One issue is about promptness on the event. Another issue is removal of the warm up session but keeping the practice session. We will be addressing the promptness issue and you may have noticed that we have removed the warm up for this next event.

We have gotten input for new race formats, season schedule dates, and pricing discounts. New race format ideas might include, running segments as individual races, running segments like our dice and coin format, and multi hour events. New season schedule date ideas are that we would publish an entire season of events early in the calendar year. Pricing discounts would increase for multiple race entries and early sign up.

We feel that all of these ideas are worth considering and would love to know what everyone thinks. If you have your own ideas or feed back, please feel free to contact us while we are in the planning phase. Don’t forget to call us today to reserve your Endurance Race spot on September 25th!