We have finished our session 3 Friday Night Leagues sponsored by G&I Electric and have the following results.  Counting your best 7 of the 8 races ran leaves us with:

1.  Mark Meucci

2.  James Recendez

3.  Matt Hill

4.  Tim Scates

5.  Eric Hensley

6.  Devin Lamar

7.  Mason Poteracki

8.  Gabriel Poteracki

We also ran an oval race program for the first time this year.  This was run on an every other Friday with season long points.  Counting your best 8 gives us:

1.  Mark Meucci

2.  Eric Hensley

3.  Matt Hill

While we are still running races on Fridays, our point sessions are over and it’s time to look forward to next year.  We changed the program this year to include makeups for rainouts.  What thoughts do you have for next year?  Should we have a season long points battle or stay with our 3 sessions?  If you have ideas, we would like to hear them and consider changing for next year.  We prefer emails or written ideas to eliminate misunderstandings.  If you prefer no changes, let us know as well.