We have arrived at seasons end and it’s time to assess points championships.  We count your best 13 of 15 races but you must count any tech DQ or sportsmanship DQ if you got one.  We show these as our champions:

Kid Kart

Joseph Bolen

Bryce Thornton

Kyle Cottingim


Jacob Bolen

Logan Lohmar

Chad Reinert

Josh Fiene

Kyle Lohmar

Hudson Giannini

Kaleb Reinert

Joshua Bolen


Logan Smith

Chris Gray

Randy Raridon

Cody Jones

Tom Van Eynde

Randy Howe

Mike Gray

Dan Seaman

Chris Rossiter

Points Race League

Eric Hensley

Bill Koehler

Donald Hicks

Compare this with your calculations and let us know if you think differently.  Also do you see any spelling errors?