We are more than happy to advise you of new track staff.  Please join us in welcoming Chad, Andrea, and Camdon to CHMS.  Chad comes to us with past racing experience both at CHMS and elsewhere.  He has experienced competition with his kart here as well as run our Friday league and also our endurance races so he should be able to relate to you in whatever form of racing you enjoy.  Andrea has past experience operating a bowling facility and I think you will find her able to meet customers and quite easy to communicate with.  Camdon is too young to offer much advice on racing but he enjoys looking at the karts in the showroom.  Come to our winter racer meeting and meet them or call and make arrangements to meet them sooner.

Bill is happy to be returning as GM and is looking to add to your delight when you visit us.

We have 2 Sundays between the Super Bowl and Daytona 500 this year and are leaning toward the 12th to have our winter racer meeting.  Details on the agenda will be posted later, but if you want something mentioned, please let us know.  Come and help guide us to a 2017 season you will enjoy.