Rental Kart programs were discussed at our race meeting and here are some highlights:

Friday Night League with G&I Electric returning as our sponsor

  1. Costs will remain low as the veteran group has done a superb job of helping rookies
  2. Three 8 week sessions again counting your best 7 to crown a session champ
  3. Session champions will receive concept cash after the last race during the pizza fest
  4. All 3 sessions champions will receive trophies at the banquet
  5. Overall year champion counting best 19 of the 24 season
  6. Poster with session champs as well as season champs
  7. It was suggested B-main winners need to be scaled as well as A-main
  8. We will continue ballasting drivers to 190#
  9. 12 Race oval series (counting best 10) every other week starting on race 2
  10. Rainout make-ups the following week

Endurance racing news

  1. This year there will be a year long published schedule (probably late Feb)
  2. Cost reduction for pre-purchasing multiple events
  3. Variety of 1-2 hour formats along with a long race (8+ hours)
  4. Points kept on a yearly basis
  5. Poster created showing winners and season point leaders
  6. Ballast drivers to 200# w/50# max