Our Yamaha Shootout is less than 2 weeks away with less than a week of pre-registration left.  This post is to help inform those coming about our tech guidelines.  Rick Jump, from Rt 66 & USPKS, will be leading tech and we will be using standard guidelines that WKA and most others use.  We will use the .390 “blowdown” spec for the ports.  Fuel tech will be by digitron with a VERY small tolerance.  Sunoco 110 fuel with 8 oz/gal of Redline, Burris castor, or Burris blend oil is the only spec.  All fuel/oil products are available on site.  Since these fuel/oil mixtures test differently, no mixing of oils will be allowed and you must declare your brand of oil at time of testing to be sure to get the right test results.  If you have run other fuel than Sunoco 110 in your tank, you would be smart to rinse your tank with Sunoco 110 a time or two to help insure your fuel test.  MG HZ (red) tires are required with no tire changes after first round of qualifying.  Tires are also available on site.  We have MG wets, 600 ONLY without bar codes, available, at severely reduced pricing, should it rain.

Tim Koyen, also from 66/USPKS, will be handling the microphone.  We have limited PA coverage beyond the grid and concessions area, due to neighbor complaints, but will be broadcasting on 104.1 FM so you may have a radio in your trailer to get full coverage of all announcements.