We think it’s time, maybe past time, to announce our outlook for the prizes we have been given in the form of sponsorship.  Currently we see a small, almost nonexistent, showing for the junior class.  Sooooo…. we are upgrading the  amounts for the senior class.  Here is what we are thinking for the senior class.

Pole position — $200 cash

Pre final winner — $250 cash + 3 $50 gift certificates

Pre final second — 2 $50 gift certificates

Pre final third — 1 $50 gift certificate

Feature winner — $750 cash + 1 set MG HZ tires

Feature second — 1 set MG HZ tires + 1 can of Sunoco 110 fuel + 1 $50 gift certificate

Feature third — 1 set MG HZ tires + 1 gift certificate

Feature fastest lap — $125 cash

Feature Hard Charger (most spots gained with highest finish determining any ties) — 3 gift certificates

Feature random pick (12th place) — 1 gift certificate

Once again, we would like to thank ALL of our sponsors for helping make this happen and a special thanks to Chad for working diligently on this.  See you Sat.