Our rental kart pricing has been unchanged for quite some time.  We are adopting a much needed change in our philosophy of how we handle rental kart usage.  Falling in line with our competition karting pricing, where we have a driver pass (wristband) charge plus a class entry fee, we will now have a driver pass (wristband) charge plus rental kart fee.  Driver season passes have been and will be available again but this year we are making official our Season Pass Perks!  In 2018 this same driver season pass will cover not only your own kart practice but also a driver pass (wristband) required for ANY rental kart usage as well.
Season driver passes will cost $400 (unchanged) and cover the $35/day (unchanged) pass to use your own kart as well as the $10/day (new) rental drivers pass required for practice sessions, leagues, and endurance events.  Daily rental kart passes will be available for $10 each.  Rental insurance and kart usage pricing will remain unchanged from 2017, $25/$30 for practice sessions, $55 for League, endurance varies with race format.  Attend the racer meeting on Feb 11 for a more in-depth discussion.