This is the long awaited announcement people have been waiting for.  I started this thought well over a year ago with the idea of creating a rental kart, to run on the big track, and have the speed of SR206 or greater.  Decisions included; what chassis, what power plant, how much HP,  how much torque, gear ratio, which tire, what clutch, and pricing which is affected by a combination of first cost plus maintenance.

These karts will NOT be available for unscheduled practice sessions, like the existing fleets.  Practice sessions, called coaching sessions, can be scheduled most days rental karts are available and are required by ALL who wish to drive these in competition events.  You must PASS a coaching session to be put on the eligible to drive elite kart list.  In order to pass, you must first demonstrate you respect the course by staying on the track, second, be able to run a competitive lap to ensure speed, and third, be responsible for up to $8000 crash damage.

These karts are not intended for everyone and our premium fleet will be geared for use on the big track, at a slower pace, to also run (scored separately) during some endurance events.  Look for more details in future posts or attend the racer meeting Feb 11 to voice questions.