We had so much fun last year, we decided to do it again!

12 hours      June 2-3      7pm-7am

This is 12 hours of pure racing! Everything comes into play; from pit stop strategies, physical agility, kart changes, and driver changes. This is the true mental and physical test of endurance! We want to see what you’ve got! Registration is open!

Call us at 815-496-2467

Don’t wait! Spots are limited!

*This 12 hour race, starting at 7pm, has 15 mandatory pit stops.
*Kart changes are mandatory at fuel stops, and optional at other stops.
*Heavy rainfall, or the presence of an electrical storm, will result in red flag. Race clock will be stopped for a maximum of 2 hours for red flag conditions.
*A team is 1 or more drivers.