For Immediate Release
Concept Haulers Motor Speedway is excited to announce a new relationship with Mecum Auctions. Much like karting, Mecum is a family-oriented business, with a passion for all things auto and an undeniable love of motorsports. Most importantly, we share a vision of importance for getting our youth first-hand responsibility and safety behind the wheel as early as possible to help improve teen driving in America.
Mecum has graciously taken on the roll of trophy provider for the Jr High Summer Racing Academy, lifting the responsibility from academy co-founder Jeremy Bolen of Stephens Tree Service Inc. We thank Jeremy and Stephens Tree Service Inc for their involvement and continued support.
As an added extra, Mecum will also be providing an end-of academy pizza party for all academy participants and their immediate family members at our last race.
Again, we would like to thank Gus Kozar of Mecum Auctions and Jeremy Bolen of Stephens Tree Service Inc for their support of our program.