We were questioned about our season end Kid Kart point totals soon after they were posted.  We performed a very in-depth review of the points and had LONG discussions among the staff yesterday.  It was a time of reviewing/analyzing our performance and judgment in making calls.  We then asked the two parties to join us this morning so we could answer their questions and explain our position.  We wanted to be VERY certain both parties were told the same consistent story.  We don’t have a “dog in the fight” so our emotions were set aside while we pursued the right answer to provide a level playing field.  It is obvious to us that even though our rules are published on the website, they are not all clear to each racer.  We explained the points system, drops, tech, DQ’s, and a variety of other issues.  Earlier in the year, we allowed an impaired driver (fell asleep on the grid and did not start) last place points for showing up.  We honestly do not feel we would EVER do that again so we reversed that call.  This has caused some disgust for some.  I feel the need to post this as social media is running wild with posts from disgusted and ill informed persons.