A little over a week ago we held a meeting with some kid kart parents to explain our rules package and it’s application to some issues.  We knew at the onset of the meeting it was VERY likely that not all attending would leave happy.   We were threatened with law suits and accused of playing favorites and even questioned whether we had been bribed.  PART of the meeting was SECRETLY recorded and published on social media with the intent to show how poor our judgment was.  Some of the post comments have caused us to ponder other questions.  We have determined that a kid kart driver’s age was falsified earlier in the year.  Fortunately, no events occurred during that time period that caused an insurance claim or we would have seen how such an intentionally legal misrepresentation would effect coverage.

CHMS operates under WKA rules.  WKA rules clearly state that an attained age of 5 is the minimum for the Kid Kart class.

In an effort to provide fairness, we will be deducting any points earned before the age of five.