This weekend we have our first race day, since the first weathered out, next weekend is our Block Party, with the week after hosting a SKUSA race (more on that later).

Soooo………… what’s in store for the “Block Party”?  We have scheduled this over the past years as a fun social event day but we ARE a racetrack and competition creeps into the agenda for a great group of you.

We will have open practice/rentals and possibly some fun-type races from 10-6 which is when we will eat.  CHMS plans to furnish “sandwiches” while we would like you to bring some “dish to pass” and your choice of beverage.

At 2PM we will start our “Block party challenge” which will consist of 4 different medium speed precision driving challenges for each entrant.  These will be a timed lap with obstacles (cones) to avoid.  Time will be added for each cone movement.  Adding times for ALL 4 events will determine a winner.  These events will focus MORE on precision than on lap times to avoid giving regular racers an unfair speed advantage.  We will use the same rental kart for ALL drivers for consistency.  You will be given 2 chances to perfect your time on each event.  Cost is only a $15 wristband (good for all day), season passes not honored.  Please advise if you own a 206 kart and would like to have a separate class?

Save the date, bring the family, and look for more details next week.