Our published guidelines indicate that anyone who has run less than 50% of our races will not be honored in championship results. Regrettably, we have no kid kart racers that have met that requirement. However, we do have a new overall track record set by Summit Rossiter and would like to recognize that. We are counting the best 9 races in order to determine championship results for each driver.

Kid Kart:

  • Summit Rossiter- New track record


  • Luke Norris
  • Justin Bolen
  • Evee Saindon
  • J.D. Wright
  • Ella Saindon


  • Drew Szuch
  • Myles James
  • Jeremy Mason
  • Peyton Polarek
  • Logan Nealis
  • Jacob Bolen


  • Chris Gray
  • Logan Lohmar
  • Logan Smith
  • Kyle Lohmar
  • Liam Melsa
  • James Recendez
  • Jared LaPierre


  • Mike Gray
  • Randy Raridon
  • Tom Van Ende
  • Jim Evans
  • Bob Kaminski
  • Amy Bolen

Congratulations to all of our drivers that participated in the 2019 race season.