Once again we intend to have a racer meeting in the shop @ 2PM to initiate the 2020 season.  Let your ideas flow and we look for a positive discussion on a variety of subjects.  Some have sent in ideas and if you let us know, we will post so others can consider prior to arriving.  Here are some things we or others have thought of to ponder.

RACEDAYS  –  Avoiding holidays, mothers day, CKNA, & Rt66, we have 13 possible dates for races.  Apr 4, May 2, Jun 13,20,27, Jul 18,25, Aug 1,8,15, Sep 12,19,26.

  • Is 13 enough or do we add in Oct?
  • Do we need to avoid Rt66?   if not that could give us 3 more possible dates
  • Evening schedule for Jun, Jul, Aug?
  • Rainouts — Drop em, have rain dates, double up?
  • New rainout double idea is to delay any that occur on evenings to the next day event?
  • Bodywork will remain open as long as insurance does not mandate change?
  • Drops?  how many


  • 3-8 Race sessions?  Apr through early Oct
  • Ballast to 200# driver?
  • 21 races count for season awards?
  • Session awards — Do we “beef up” cash awards and delete trophies?
  • 7PM Drivers meeting?
  • Elite karts?
  • Oval challenge?  every other week


  • 2-8 Race sessions?  May through Aug
  • Change entry format to allow intermittent participation ie, weekly or session?
  • Wed or Thurs nights?
  • 6PM Drivers meeting?
  • Session awards are cash with season awards @ Banquet?


  • 2-8 Race sessions?  May through Aug
  • Ballast to 180# driver?
  • Premium or original karts?
  • Wed or Thurs nights?
  • Entry format is weekly or reduced session price?
  • 6PM Drivers meeting?
  • Session Awards — cash or trophies?

Advise if you have other ideas to consider, and save the date, between Super Bowl & Daytona 500.