Meeting date and time unchanged at Feb 9 @ 2PM in the  shop.

We have received comments from racers and I am posting them so you can ponder them and be prepared for a meaningful discussion.

  • Sr 206 weight — change from 380 to 375  —  also comments for no change
  • Avoid doubles because if you break in the first, you miss the second
  • Rain dates rather than doubles
  • If doubles, then evening rainouts will be doubled on next day race
  • Tire lease contract — See below
  • FNL  —  Avoid NASCAR (Jun 21) — either double up or schedule around
  • JR “League”  —  Max age JR high but no min age

We will be adopting a sharing format “for all genres” which will allow better use of time for all.  We will start with 20 min of raceday discussion, then switch to FNL for 20 min, then next issue for 20 min etc.  We will return to raceday, and any others, after each group gets their first session.  We will ask that ALL are quiet to respect others time, and allow us to moderate discussions.

TIRE LEASE —  We have been asked about getting new tires multiple times per season and have developed a contract that would allow the racer to change tires when he likes.

  • Cost is $150 + $50 X number of changes you desire
  • Changes are scheduled by the racer
  • Contract is per racer not a multiple racer group
  • Tires turned in must be the same ones issued
  • Damaged tires  —  beyond “normal” wear will be charged
  • MGIR tires
  • Serviceable used set must be turned in at start or end of year

I will post other issues as they are presented for your consideration.  We hope to see you Feb 9.