For some time, we have rented tires to those racers that race with us on occasion and do not wish to purchase a set of MGIR spec tires.  This concept has generated interest in getting multiple sets of new tires each year.  CHMS has decided to experiment this year by offering the following season tire contract for our points race season:

  1. Cost is $150 for the base plus $50 for each change.  This is a season contract so the number of changes will need to be determined when purchasing.
  2. Changes are scheduled by the racer
  3. Contract is per racer NOT a multiple racer group
  4. Tires returned must be the same ones issued
  5. Damaged tires beyond “normal” wear will be chargeable
  6. MGIR tires —  Any size
  7. Serviceable used set must be turned in at the start or end of the year

We have received a new shipment of tires and are ready to sell contracts.  We have developed this contract in response to racer interest.