Racers, series promoters, and tracks have dealt with these problems for some time now.  A recent post by EKN caught my attention.  Like a lot of posts these days, there were numerous comments and also, typically, lots of these comments were VERY lengthy and were composed of VERY little value.  There was, however, a theme that caught my attention.  This theme was that a great deal of racers have no connections or knowledge of how to dispose of tires, fuel cans, used oil and the like and thus sneak them into garbage cans,  dumpsters, or just leave them behind at tracks.  I believe tracks need to take leadership in accommodating racers with their problems as they want to sell the new items that eventually need discarding.

CHMS has taken an active role in disposal in the past but in light of the above paragraph, will be posting our NEW for 2020 enhanced program guidelines.  These will be posted on site as well as on the website.

  1. Tires will be taken at the shop for $1.50 each
  2. Fuel cans, brought to the shop, will be taken for FREE
  3. Used oil, brought to the shop, will be taken for FREE

We want to make it convenient for racers to rid themselves of unwanted items.  We will be expecting cooperation and want to focus our policing efforts on those who do not comply.