We are finding that, on occasion, wristbands are not worn or in some cases even purchased.  This becomes an even larger problem when we host another series as we do not control the event but are responsible for any infractions.  We need to control our liability and to do that, we must comply with insurance regulations.  In the future we will be careful to make sure racers have signed the correct sheets and have the correct wristband.  WE INTEND TO PLACE WRISTBANDS ON YOUR WRIST FOR YOU.  Our new policy, that will be posted is:


We are finding it necessary to institute a new enforcement policy for wristbands.  Those who have been following the rules to sign for a daily wristband to access the grid or racetrack, or premises on racedays, will not see ANY change in procedure or enforcement.

Wristbands are called wristbands because they are to be worn on your wrist.  This is where they are expected to be.  Each wristband has a specific number that is recorded at the time of sign in which corresponds with the person signing in.  Transferring them to a different person (by accident or intentionally) complicates matters when a claim is necessary.

Our enforcement policy will be to disqualify (DQ) you from the next event you are scheduled for.  These infractions will be treated as Sportsmanship DQ’s.

The racer or their guardian will be responsible for everyone in their group and we will hold the entire group or parties accountable.