While guidelines and data changes daily, it is a viable concern.  CHMS does not want to panic and overreact in making smart choices on how we can best proceed.

At this point, we do NOT plan on wholesale cancelling of events.  We will deal with this on a weekly basis and analyze our best choices.  Our policy, in the past, was to look at current data and make a choice.  We have not cancelled, days in advance, due to weather, simply because rain was forecast for the event day.

We WILL continue our “winter” shop outlook for the present time.  This means we will NOT be staffing the shop each day, but WILL be answering the shop phone during our “normal” business hours of 10-sunset.  We will do our best to try and accommodate your requests, whatever they are.  Best advice is to call us before arriving at a closed shop.

At this time, our intent is to postpone events, rather than cancelling, and hoping to be able to run them at a later date.  We will use our rainout philosophy as our guide.

We will be “postponing” our FNL race 1 scheduled for Mar 27 at this time.

Stay tuned for future posts, regarding scheduled events, days (not weeks) before event dates.