The state of Illinois has daily numbers updates and while the number of cases increases daily, due in part to the increased testing, the number of people in the hospitals, the number in ICU, and the number on ventilators has been almost steady, or declining, since April 19.  Deaths are increasing but they lag behind the cases numbers and are harder to analyze.

My point to the commerce dept was that outdoor recreation is currently allowed on golf courses and boating so why not us in at least some capacity.  Possibly more state officials understand golf better than they understand racing.  Autobahn has been allowed to open, on the car side, with limits of 10 on track at once.

I got a response from the commerce dept, but not a green light yet.  I am hoping our first step in re-opening comes soon and I would forecast we may follow a variation of these guidelines:

  1. Reservations for practice (to maintain crowd size)
  2. Social separation
  3. Masks (when not wearing race gear)
  4. VERY limited building access (single occupancy of bathrooms)

At this writing, we plan to cancel our Jr, Sr, & Friday Leagues for this week.  We have been at work repainting curbs and plan more maintenance this week.  We hope everyone celebrated Mothers Day.  Quite possibly the spirit was the same while the practice was different.