Well the Gov has dictated a plan to Restore Illinois and, in my opinion, we have met the metrics for moving to phase 3.  We would like to open as much as anyone as this is a financial disaster for me.  As much as anybody would love to spend a day at the track, I am pretty sure no one would trade a day at the track for a COVID positive test.  We outlined a few concepts last week and are working on a program to open.  Meanwhile, after cutting brush and painting curbs, we are crack-filling now.

Tentatively, we expect to have limits on crowd size so we are thinking about two sessions per day.  Morning would be 10-2 and afternoon would be 3-7.  Reservations only, social distancing, masks, and no related COVID symptoms are likely to be part of the program.

We will need to cancel all events planned for this week including our Block party (bummer).  We are anxiously awaiting a nod from our governing officials.  Look for a future post with details soon.