Well the pandemic has moved to phase 3 in our state.  This gives us more latitude to discern our future.  The message from our Gov has been to do it wisely and conservatively and I believe that is good advice.  We ALL want to race but NONE want to be sick.  We have run practice events the last couple of days and are quite happy that it has gone smoothly.  Phase 3 allows groups of 10.  There are multiple ways to interpret that and we have chosen the most conservative route of 10 people on property for now.

HOW DO WE GET BACK TO THE SPORT WE LOVE?  We spend time each day contemplating what is next.  Can we have multiple groups on property, with separation, and organize some fun?  Should we insist on grid being occupied only w/masks or helmets?  We know that group size is limited so how can we compete and how would we merge smaller groups?  Preregistration, to control crowd size, is working for practice but what guidelines do we want for the next step?  When will we move to phase 4?  Let us know your thoughts so we can design a plan and still stay within guidelines.

Events, other than practice, are cancelled for this week but I would sure like to post something more for next week.  We would certainly like to expand but we must try to avoid contagious practices and defying state guidelines.  Help us design a plan for fun.