We think we are ready to host some fun events next week.


  1. Host events that bring a smile to peoples faces
  2. Restrict admittance to those who do not have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath
  3. DO NOT  increase the chance of becoming COVID positive
  4. DO NOT violate the state phase 3 rules
  5. Have NO spectators (like NASCAR, NBA, etc)


  1. Gates to pits will be closed allowing no access to property (other than driveways)
  2. Your group will be limited to 10 MAX and MUST park 30 feet from another group w/no mingling or interaction
  3. Open gate to registration at 8:30 AM allowing ONLY one group at a time to register
  4. We will sell ONLY hot grid wristbands for drivers and crew
  5. Only those with wristbands allowed in pits — Our wristband policy in force
  6. Those w/o wristbands may gather on the “71” side of the orange gate near concessions and maintain social distancing state guidelines
  7. Those who have preregistered may stay in vehicle and we will come to you with wristbands
  8. Grid will be one class at a time assembling in SINGLE FILE
  9. All drivers must have helmets on prior to grid entrance and crew (max 1 per driver) must have face masks
  10. Once drivers leave front grid area, crew must leave as well with observing allowed in rear of grid (scale area) or outside hot grid.
  11. When exiting track, drivers must leave helmets on until after scale/hot grid and any crew (max one per driver) must have face mask

MANDATORY DRIVERS MEETING WILL BE HELD at 10:30 BEFORE ANY TRACK ENTRY.  This will be held out on the track near the scoring tower deck to allow driver separation and those w/o wristbands to listen over the fence.

Many, including myself, are annoyed with COVID  restrictions BUT-BUT-BUT two things will close this place down.  The first is if staff becomes quarantined and the second is violating government guidelines.  We intend to avoid both.

We intend to hold other fun events this next week as well including JR League (Wed), SR League (Thurs) and Friday Night League (Fri).  Look for posts soon to outline plans.