My weekly post would be remiss if I didn’t mention how good it felt to have our event last Sat.  Comments directed my way would seem we all missed it to a degree.  The COVID experience has altered our life in 2020 and we may have learned some things.

We plan on another similar event this Sat June 20.  Some things were new this past week and we want to continue with those. First was pre-registration and see Matt’s post on how we have reduced the workload for both you and us.  Next was drivers meeting to start the day and we will do that again this week.  Practice was by class with grid lineup in single file which worked well and will be used this week as well.  Those w/o wristbands may occupy the area on the “71” side of the orange gate.  I am told we had a track record (all-time) last week and can not honor it w/o tech.  We will have track records this week in ALL classes to start our 2020 season records.

Now, as Paul Harvey would say, for the rest of the story.  We passed out written instructions upon entrance and discussed items in length at drivers meeting and still some things are frustrating.  There were those who chose to drive AROUND the barrier gate in the grass, leave it open after using it, and TOTALLY ignore that wristbands ARE required in the pits.  Masks or helmets were not always worn on the grid, as specified.  Some forgot, some were careless, and others were defiant.  By the way, we have cameras and I spent some time reviewing this week before making the above statements.  Encouragement and light enforcement did NOT get the job done.

We will have the same wristband and face mask requirements this week.  Most are following the rules but for those few who choose not to we are implementing enforcement.  DQ’s will be applied to points events for infractions.  Racers complain heavily when they feel they were wronged by some other competitor and our staff needs to focus on fair competition first rather than spending our time policing simple rules that some want to dodge.  DQ’s will be classed as sportsmanship which means they are not eligible for drops in calculating season points.

Come and be the fastest in your class in the feature and hold the 2020 track record.  One more week and WRS points start.  Bring your mask and have a good time.