Well, on Monday, it sure looks like I missed a call on Sat.  My heart definitely wanted to run the event but I have been criticized numerous times for holding on to that premise too long so, after looking at the forecast for heavy rain in early afternoon, I cancelled.  Making that decision and publishing before 8AM limits decision time and rain held off till evening.  This week a COVID update from the Gov is possible since his metrics for moving to the next phase are looking positive.  Our state has been on the conservative side but we are NOT experiencing a large “second wave”, as some states have, which may, in the long run, be a good thing.  If we move to the next phase, I will have to evaluate exactly how that effects us.

We plan to offer Leagues this week as well as our fun event on Sat.  Pre-registration monies will be credited to a future event.  Test and tune times are available w/reservations.

We plan to be CLOSED on Sat July 4 but open other days.  Watch for updates on how a Gov EO will alter our future.