Well it looks like Illinois will move to phase 4 of the Gov’s plan on Fri June 26.  Primarily, for us, this means groups of 50, rather than 10, are allowed.  Social distancing is still included and ALL the media is showing masks are promoted more than ever across the entire nation.  Illinois cases are declining while some states are borderline “out of control” so maybe the price we paid earlier in the year is paying dividends now.


  1. We will no longer have 2 practice sessions per day  —  with larger numbers allowed and LOTS of room for separation, we can accommodate everyone we hope
  2. Reservations are STILL encouraged — we will ask you for your estimated arrival time so we can meet you at the gate, as before, to give you a wristband
  3. Reservations will CERTAINLY speed up your checkin time
  4. Normal hours of 10-sunset will resume
  5. ONLY THOSE W/WRISTBANDS IN PADDOCK  —  We will sell driver ($40) AND crew ($15) passes now as we feel we can accommodate all that want to drive
  6. Those on grid WILL be expected to wear face coverings

Refer to our COVID tab on the website for up to date info