Jr and Sr Leagues

We have run 4 and have 8 more on the original calendar.  It was suggested that we continue on and count 10 of the 12 for one big session rather than split.  This seems like a wonderful idea and we plan to follow it.  Thanks for the input.


We have run 4 and have 5 left in original session 2.  Let’s make session two 9 nights and leave session 3 as it was.  We ran oval last Fri and plan to run it again this week.  If we run it every week, we will have 14 total — maybe count 12?  Elites are a question.  Should we add them on top of the ovals or alternate or what?  Interested parties please let us know.

Points Events

We are adjusting our timeline as the past weeks have shown us positive results.  Drivers meeting will continue at 10:30 (days) and practice will be by class with 3 rounds for each class in race order

Both July events were voted to use a qualifying format.  Heat 1 will be replaced by a qualifying session and given points.  Heat 2 will remain at 6 laps but will use the qualifying order as grid lineup.  Feature will remain 12 laps but will use the Heat 2 finish as the grid lineup.  Heat 1, our qualifying session, will be started when the first kart enters the track and stopped 5 minutes later with a checkered flag.  All laps completed BEFORE the checkered flag will be used to determine best times.  Laps that a driver completes getting the checkered flag will NOT be used to choose best times.