Jr and Sr Leagues are finalized for the 2020 season.  The schedule was altered due to COVID but we saw some real competition regardless.  Our 2 eight week sessions were combined for one 12 week session, counting the 10 best for season trophies.  (See FB for pics)

It is now time to consider any changes for the 2021 season.  Jr’s mentioned running under the lights but that would mean a 2+ hour delay from this years schedule.  Do we need a weight min for Jr?(Maybe 130?)    Sr weight, min 180, saw all carry at least 7#, so should we lower to 175?  Do we schedule 3-8 week sessions, like Fridays?  Are the days and times good?

We passed out some trophy hardware during our pizza party at last event end with the following top 3:

JR   1st – Mak Regnerus                            SR   1st – Myles James

       2nd – Luke Norris                                     2nd – Kyle Lohmar

      3rd – Justin Naughton                               3rd – Brady Travis