This is an attempt to start our 2021 discussions on the future year.  I am looking for your input on both things you want and don’t want.  Issues, other than schedule, will be covered at a later date.

Avoiding holidays, Mothers day, CKNA, and Rt 66 events, we could have the following dates Apr-Oct.  Apr 10, 24, May 15, Jun 5, 12, 19, Jul 10, 24, 31, Aug 7, 21, Sep 11, 25, for 13 dates with possible Oct 9, 16.

Some possible choices for rainouts are:

  1. Schedule all 15 and NOT makeup any rainouts
  2. Schedule 13 with 2 rain dates (only used if rainouts) — Like the 2020 season
  3. Makeup rainouts at next day race (double) — Evening schedules run too late — Used some years ago

What about evening schedules?    (Evening schedules are 4:30 drivers meeting vs 10:30)

1.  Jun, Jul, Aug dates — Used to offset possible hot day temps

I realize there are more things to discuss but let’s solve this issue before we move to more.  You may respond w/email, FB comment, or call my cell.  Thanks for keeping it positive.