At the banquet, there was conversation encouraging more on-track assistance during races.  It was requested that we need more “corner worker” help for racers.  We have been responding on a 4 wheeler to assist those who have made errors.   We were strongly encouraged to increase coverage for the next year.

This has been the source of many hours of conversation and pondering.  Looking at  traveling regional series, they allow no movement of wheeled vehicles on track while the track is “hot”.  They perform pickup help only after the track is not “green”.  Many times drivers are DQ’d if they receive help during a race.  Insurance covers race workers, but nobody wants to place themselves in harms way either.

We certainly want to run a safe event and we also want to offer help to those who are unfortunate enough to need it.  We will be assessing situations carefully and responding with a red flag, stopping the race, until the danger can be corrected, and then restarting.  We currently do that for flips and other things that look like emergencies.  We intend to “lower the bar” on our view of critical issues.  This will be a work in progress and quite probably the subject of conversation in drivers meetings. 

 Stay tuned for future posts on Leagues and other items.