COVID has changed our country and because of that , in 2020, we were shut down for months and then allowed to open with changing limitations. Because we were limited, some of our guidelines changed such as half-day practice sessions and multiple rental rides and NO spectators. COVID is still a force in our lives but, at the moment, less restrictive than a year ago. Masks ARE required when entering buildings.


We are starting a new price savings for weekdays (Mon-Thurs). Weekend (Fri-Sun) pricing will be $45/driver and $15/crew while weekday (Mon-Thurs) will be $35/driver and $15/crew. ANYONE entering the Hot Grid will be required to have a wristband but those wanting to be on-site to only watch will not need to sign in. Therefore the gates will remain open, except on event days, allowing you to enter and park without stopping.


We will return to offering single rides in either the original karts, for $30 or premium karts for $35. You will need to sign in and purchase a $10 driver pass and $10 kart damage insurance (optional) plus rides cost each day. Since multiple rides were implemented last year, we have noticed some wish to get a discount for that option. We will be offering a “triple ride package” which will offer you FREE drivers pass plus FREE kart damage insurance. Purchasing a triple package, for the same driver, for originals at $90 or premiums at $105 will get you both a FREE drivers pass and FREE kart damage insurance. We will also implement additional cost savings on weekdays (Mon-Thurs) by adding a fourth ride FREE. Those wishing to just watch will be allowed on property, OUTSIDE the Hot Grid, without signing in.

Our open hours will remain 10AM till sunset so come out and enjoy yourselves. Watch for a future post offering pre-registration opportunities for these and competition events. We are developing pre-registration guidelines to allow you to speed up sign-in and reduce your need to enter a building.