Due to Covid-19, last season we introduced our race day Pre-registration program. The goal was to reduce physical contact and to minimize the overall time required to complete the registration process. Ultimately, the program proved to do what we intended and was very well received. So after some racer input and a bit of “off season” relaxation, contemplation, and discussion, we have decided to bring back the program for 2021.

We have tried to streamline last season’s system to make things even easier for all parties involved. Better yet, we have now made it financially beneficial for our racers and their crew to pre-register before race day. Here is how we would like to proceed.

The first time that you call to register we will collect the following information.

1. Driver’s name

2. Driver’s class

3. Driver’s kart #

4. Driver’s transponder #

5.Names of crew and anyone else entering the property where wristbands are required (Details below)

6. Credit card information or confirmation of cash payment upon arrival.

7. Reminder to bring your completed 2021 minors release for anyone in your party that is under the age of 18

We will keep the above information on file for the 2021 season and will simply confirm its accuracy each time that you call to register before a race. If you would like to register for multiple events, just let us know which dates (Race #’s) and we will have you already to go on race day. For those of you that prefer to purchase season passes, this will continue to be an option as well just check our website or call us for pricing. This includes those of you with any discounts coming your way from last season.

Our 2021 race day pricing will be as follows:

Register BEFORE 12:00 NOON on the Friday before each race

LO206 race entry including fuel: $65

NON lo206 entry: $60

Hot grid: $15

Transponder rental: $10

Register AFTER 12:00 NOON on the Friday before each race including race day itself

LO206 race entry including fuel: $75

NON lo206 race entry: $70

Hot Grid: $18

Transponder rental: $10

In case of a rain out or any cancelled event, fees that have been processed will be credited at the next 2021 race attended by the driver. We will not be selling race day spectator passes this season. However, we will continue to offer plenty of FREE PARKING and FREE VIEWING AREA’S for folks to enjoy the racing. This includes use of our covered pavilion area in case of rain or other unfriendly weather as well as any area outside of the orange gate.