This post is intended to explain/understand/discuss our wristband issues after some responses to a previous post.


  • Most tracks do not offer a premises only choice
  • CHMS has, however, negotiated each year with Insurance providers to offer premises
  • Anyone with a premises band has no insurance in the hot grid — AND neither does the track
  • The track has believed in the “family” concept since opening in 1988
  • COVID came along in 2020 and limited group size along w/no spectators in many events
  • CHMS created a FREE spectator area “outside the orange gate”

OUTLOOK — We have spent much time pondering/considering since last post reaction input

  • CHMS believes, under current COVID rules, we can comply w/group size & separation guidelines
  • Crossover, into the hot grid, even one step, creates a Liability issue for both the person AND the track
  • Liability issues can have FAR greater financial consequences than wristband pricing
  • Wristband discipline must be a joint venture with competitors and staff
  • Our current policy to DQ EVERYONE IN THE GROUP for even ONE non-compliance is in effect for 2021
  • CHMS may have to change policies during the season, like 2020, to comply with circumstances

Because of the competitor request, we WILL be offering a premises only wristband choice in 2021. These bands will cost $5 at Pre-registration and $7 at the gate. We can not hire a “policing force”, at that cost, so we are expecting competitors to help us with the enforcement discipline. We will continue to offer FREE space “outside the orange gate” for those not wanting to purchase a wristband. We are hoping to hear from you that this compromise will satisfy those wanting an option.