We have arrived at the end of 2010 Snell ratings on helmets. Insurance no longer allows helmets with 2010, or older, to be used on the track. This may effect some of you and it has made all our rental helmets uncertifiable. These helmets might still be safer than nothing but they are not allowed on our track. Anyone who would like one, or many, of the 44 we have should give us a call to arrange pickup. We have all sizes.

Once again, this year, we will be accepting used oil and used fuel cans for no charge. All we ask is that you bring them to the shop rather than leaving them with the garbage so we can dispose of them. Used tires are also accepted for a $1.50 fee/tire. As before, violators, when discovered, will be assessed a $20 penalty per item. Our goal is to provide you an outlet for items sometimes not able to be thrown in your home garbage without making our facility messy.