SAVE THE DATE — Sat May 29 to join in the fun at our Block Party. We intend to have some driving challenges, a bit like our last Block Party in 2019. These challenges will test precision in driving more heavily than speed. These will be setup on the racetrack and will feature “gates” that are defined by cones. Bump a cone out of place and we will add 2 seconds to your time for each one. We will have two classes — You may choose to use our rental Kart, the same one for everyone, or bring your own Kart. The cost for entering will be $5, which will become the prize package for doing well. You will need to sign in and get a wristband to enter Hot Grid but these passes will be complimentary in cost.

The THEME for this year will be Les/Diann 50th Wedding anniversary. We had intended to have this theme last year but COVID caused us to cancel the whole event. NO GIFTS are expected — Your presence is gift enough.

We will be supplying food, but you may contribute a dessert or snack item. Look for a post next week with the menu and we would like a call for attendance numbers for food next week. WE WILL NOT BE SUPPLYING DRINKS so bring your own. Food will be served at 6PM and track will be closed at that time but if you have a party game (bags for one suggestion) to entertain, please feel free to bring. Party will continue for as long as necessary.

PLAN TO JOIN US and look for more details next week.