As most of you know, from announcements at drivers meetings, we have had a scoring points snafu this year. Too many details to bore you with but suffice to say that most could have been avoided. Good news is, that with some of your help, we think we have solved ALL problems with our Leagues (Jr, Sr, & Friday) along with points race championships and also WRS. We think we have recovered lost data so check Mylaps championships for standings.

Our goal, for the future, is to ALWAYS publish on speedhive. The scoring system will NOT allow more than one kart per class with the same number without confusion in points totals. Sometimes adjustments have been made, behind the scenes, to allow the system to work for the day but not always for season totals. Points are given to the driver, not the kart, which most of the time is the same.

We will be returning to asking racers to adjust their number, if there is duplicate in their class, to avoid two areas of confusion. First is points as noted above. Second is to avoid any possible penalties being assessed to the wrong culprit. When we have multiple karts in the same class with the same number, it could happen that we black flag the wrong kart. I am sure that being incorrectly penalized is no ones goal, including ours. We will be expecting number changes to avoid these problems.