In lieu of the rain out last night, Friday Night League points have been finalized. Final placings have been determined utilizing everyone’s best 20 out of 23, 6 out of 8 for Elites, and 9 out of 11 for Oval as per the rule book. We are also including final placings for our Junior and Senior Leagues which wrapped at the end of August. Junior and Senior League placings have been determined based on their best 14 of 16 races ran also per the rule book.

Friday Night League: 1st Mike Evans 2nd Mark Meucci 3rd Jose Sanchez 4th Diego Ochoa 5th Drew Norquist 6th Eric Hensley 7th Larry Drummond

Friday Night Elite League: 1st Mike Evans 2nd Larry Drummond

Friday Night Oval League: 1st Mark Meucci 2nd Mike Evans 3rd Robert Lambert 4th Eric Hensley 5th Larry Drummond

Senior League: 1st Brady Travis

Junior League: 1st Owen Oehler 2nd Mak Regnerus 3rd Miles Fodrey 4th Jeremy Colley 5th Kendra Padilla