It has been suggested that we develop a schedule earlier than our typical February racer meeting. It has also been suggested we mirror the 2021 format. Avoiding CKNA races, Rt 66 races, holidays etc, left us with 13 races in 2021. Using the same logic we end up with the following dates for 2022.

April 30, May 14, 21, June 11, 25, July 9, 23, 30, August 13, 27, September 10, 17, 24

We have some questions and are looking for feedback before we publish an official schedule.

  1. Is 13 races the right amount? Too few or too many?
  2. How many are evening schedule? History has been Jun/Jul/Aug or Jul/Aug or Aug.
  3. Start times? History is 10AM or 4PM
  4. Rainout makeups? Schedule possible dates? We do not want to run doubles in evening schedule
  5. Rainout calls? We have been posting 2 hours before drivers meeting.
  6. Count your best 11 races for points championship? Should we count more?
  7. Pre-registration? Started w/COVID in 2020 and used in 2021. Seems to speedup signing in. Good or bad idea?

Look for future posts on Jr High, High School, and Friday Oval, Elite, and Road course Leagues along with discussions on any other issues. Give us your thoughts. See you at the Banquet.