We started pre-registration during the aftermath of the COVID shutdown in 2020. Many, including us, liked it because it sped up sign in for the racer on race days. We will again have this option in 2022 but felt it was time to publish our guidelines to eliminate confusion.

  1. Pre-registration can be done by calling the shop
  2. Pre-registration DEADLINE is Friday noon
  3. Be prepared with race entry info and NAMES for pit passes (we write names on wristbands)
  4. Pre-reg pricing will be lower than signup on raceday
  5. Payment is expected at time of pre-reg — If the event is cancelled, credit will be applied in the future
  6. Payment may be credit card or cash
  7. Those who purchase Season passes, for entries OR wristbands, will be automatically pre-reg

As always, registration can be done on racedays for those who choose that option. Editing your pre-reg will cause you to line up behind those pre-reg and will pay raceday prices.