We can no longer sell premises passes. Insurance rules change, like most things in our era, and after having a poor experience in the pits, the pits and the hot grid are seen as one and the same, by the insurance company. This means that ALL people in your pit area MUST have a hot grid wristband. Some years ago cameras mounted to the helmet were forbidden and this is just another step in the direction of safety.

The GOOD news is that we are allowed to continue with no wristband needed on the “71” side of the orange gate on event days. This gate will remain closed during the event and opened after the last engine is shut off at the scale after the last race of the day. After that gate is opened, no wristbands will be required in the pit area. On practice/rental days, only those entering the hot grid will require wristbands.

Keep in mind that our wristband policy of DQ’ing ALL in your party from the next points event if ANYONE in your party is found w/o a wristband on is still in place. Please police this so we do not have to enforce it. Snow is melting and we look forward to race season.