I was getting ready to post a tentative schedule for next year when Randy forwarded a survey which Randy had run on FB. The top item on the poll was having a flagman in the flag stand (in addition to the corner lights). I phoned Randy and asked if he knew who any of the 26 who voted were and were all racers at CHMS. He did not know. Next I asked if they were talking about white/checkered (which has been mentioned in an email) or the green as well. He was not sure. I then asked if he thought that would stop the complaining and he stated that complaining would probably continue but change to something else.

At the banquet, which was attended by less than 50% of racers we were going to give awards, I suggested that I was concerned about trying to have an in person meeting because:

  1. You have to SHOW UP – not everyone comes and some only with a personal agenda
  2. You have to SPEAK UP – this has to be civil and not just the loudest person protesting
  3. You have to COMPROMISE – decisions need to be for the betterment of the group/sport
  4. You have to be PREPARED – ideas presented need to be thoroughly thought about

I asked for ideas to be emailed at drivers meetings and THANK YOU to those who have sent things in. I have received nothing since banquet. Most series/clubs are run by a select group (board) which decides things, sometimes with input from others outside of the core group. Typically, the greatest majority of complainers have no experience or a logical solution to present. Does anybody wish to volunteer to flag?

If you have read this far, I will calm down from this ranting and get back to productive items soon.