CHMS would like to offer the KA100 class in 2023. Some showed interest last year and we had a few show up but we never had a steady class on race days. In order to “guarantee” we have a class for others to build on, we would like to have 5, or more, sign up for a season pass. To encourage this, we will discount the season pass race entry fee to $600 for all 13 races. This price will be in effect until Jan 31. Sign up now to reserve your number.

AEM has graciously agreed to support the start of this class by offering to pay half of this $600 for those that work with them. Contact AEM for details and then sign up with us at half rate.

Class guidelines are MGSH tire and 360# to try and fall in line with others in the area.

If you sign up, and the class does not mature, CHMS will offer you a refund.