Last year we had two levels of pricing for our raceday entries and wristbands. If you pre-registered and paid prior to Friday noon, you were eligible for the lower price. This year we will have only one price schedule BUT we will offer a 10% discount for those who pre-register before Fri noon prior to the event. You may register by phone or in person.

Pre-registering saves quite a bit of time when checking in on racedays since we already have entered you in a class. The wristbands you preordered will have a name on them and be ready for quick pickup. We will have the release form already filled out with printed name and wristband number and will only require your signature. While you still have to stop at registration, this saves much effort and reduces time spent there. As always, if you choose to wait until raceday, we will still accommodate your needs. In the case of a cancelled event, all monies will be transferred to your next visit.

One last reminder is that the certificates given out at the banquet expire on Mar 15 so please use them prior to that.