Our drivers council has been visiting about some items since my last post and I need to bring you up to speed on a new change we have agreed on. We plan to experiment w/qualifying at 2 races this year. Heat 1 will be replaced by single kart laps with fastest time being used as the winner. Heat 2 will grid based on Heat 1 finish and be scored with winner completing the most laps in the least time. Feature will grid with Heat 2 results and be scored as usual. We are offering this as a chance for those younger in the sport to experience an event used in regional and national series.

We have chosen May 6, race 3, as well as Aug 5, race 9, to let you experience this. Please plan to join us in this pursuit. Written guidelines for this, and other things, will be given to you when getting your tech sticker. Points for the day will remain consistent with other racedays.

Thanks to the Drivers Council for the deliberations to get to this decision.