Contacts/ Hours

Concept Haulers Motor Speedway

815-496-CHMS (2467)

3674 E 2603 Rd. Sheridan, Il 60551

Track Owner:  Les Finke

General Manager:  Bill Koehler

Track Operators:  Chad & Andrea Clay

Directions:  We are located on Rt 71, about 8 miles North of Rt 80 (exit 93) and about 1 mile South of Rt 52 in Norway, Il.

Hours:     MondaySaturday;  10am until dark*     Sunday; 12pm until 6 pm*  *Open practice is unavailable on race days or during poor weather, see event schedule for dates.


8 thoughts on “Contacts/ Hours”

  1. Hi, I see you have a Groupon available. I am interested in purchasing, but wanted to contact you first. I have a 16 year old and 14 year old. My oldest is quite overweight unfortunately. Is there a limit on the go karts you have? Don’t want to have him embarrassed by coming out and then finding out he can’t fit in them or something.
    Thank you

  2. Brandon roth said:

    For the 1 hour race, what kind of tiers do u have to run?

  3. Lisa Wickman said:

    I’m inquiring about the racing teams for 4 years olds and 8 year olds. I have two boys that would love it. I heard it starts in the spring. Can you give me more information about registering for this? Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa. Competitive pro-racing, with your own kart, starts at age 5. If you are interested in racing our rental karts, there is a required leg length of 36 inches from waist to bottom of shoes to ensure reach of the pedals. This is typically 10-11 yr olds. Our rental karts range from 50-60 mph and are individual seat karts-no dual karts.
      If you are still interested in racing, we will be posting a tentative 2018 race schedule shortly.
      We do have our Racers Meeting on Feb 11, at 2pm if you would like to join to get an idea of what our season will include.
      As always, feel free to call with any questions. 815-496-2467

      • Lisa Wickman said:

        I am absolutely interested. I have a four-year-old and eight-year-old. Is there anything for four-year-old?

      • If you are looking into racing our Points Race series with your own kid kart, then they would need to be 5 yrs old to race. However, they are able to practice with their own kart on our track on any non-race day. For safety, we do clear the track of all other rental karts and personal karts when any kid kart is on track. They run a different/shorter configuration than the other karts.

        If you are interested in our rental kart program, then unfortunately no. He would be too small to reach the pedals.

        Feel free to contact us at 815-496-2467

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