Whether you are just getting started in driving, or are looking to shave off the last few tenth’s, this driver development program is designed just for you.  Our program offers you flexibility to choose from a variety of perspectives.  We will give you 1 on 1 analysis of not only driving lines and brake points, but also maintenance items such as oiling your chain and making sure your kart is ready to go on track.  We will customize each session to suit your specific needs and experience level.  Each session will include a summary report so you can review your progress.

What if you do not own a kart?  We can schedule a session using our rental equipment until you have the desire to become an owner.  Using our rental kart includes use of our safety gear.

OWNERS session possible topics:

  1.  Introduction to karting  and the importance of keeping records
  2. Safety items and proper inspection
  3. Maintenance items to keep your kart healthy and how to perform them
  4. Driving lines and braking points
  5. Lap analysis review
  6. Changes in setups or driving to improve lap times
  7. Race day format and expectations at CHMS
  8. Race craft ideas and execution

RENTERS session possible topics:

  1. Practice time to establish a baseline
  2. Review of stronger driving skills vs weaker driving skills
  3. Driving lines and braking points
  4. Lap analysis review
  5. Learn the intricacies of the CHMS track
  6. Polish your ability to make passes in a sportsmanship like manner
  7. Hone your skills for FNL (Friday Night League) and endurance races

We need to reserve the track for you so call to schedule either an owners session or a rental session.  A non-refundable $50 deposit will be required at time of scheduling.  If weather does not cooperate, session can be rescheduled without extra charges.

OWNERS sessions costs:

  1. $100 for first hour segment (includes driver pass good for entire day)
  2. $50 for each additional hour block at time of scheduling

RENTERS sessions costs:

  1. $150 for first hour segment (includes drivers pass and use of safety gear)
  2. $125 for each additional hour block at time of scheduling
  3. $10 crash damage insurance (optional)
  4. Uses our premium rental karts