League racing is the most affordable way to race anywhere!  You can race competitively, without owning a kart, using our Premium rental karts. Along with the karts, we supply the race jackets, helmets, neck brace and gloves.  Drivers must be able to safely reach the pedals (roughly 36” leg length, most 12 year olds fit), have long pants to the ankles (jeans are fine), and have close toed shoes (like sneakers or boots).  Drivers under 18 years old will need a minor release form.  Come once or come for the entire season.  The rental league starts in March/April.

Drivers meeting, for Friday night league, begins promptly at 7:00 PM with registration anytime prior to that. We will have a 5 min warmup session, two 6 lap heat races, and one 10 lap final.  Points are awarded for the final race.  Heat race points will determine feature starting position.

Cost:  $55/night plus $10 driver pass with optional kart insurance @ $10/night. Much like renting a car, we expect you to be responsible for damage to the kart you’re driving, beyond normal wear and tear, with or without insurance. Oval w/FNL is $15/night and w/o FNL is $25/night plus $10 Driver’s pass.  Elite w/FNL is $30/night and w/o FNL is $40 plus $10 Driver’s pass. We also offer a Buy 10, get 12 option for league entries. Ask for more info.

Count top 21 of 24 races for overall champion.  Trophies will be given out at the banquet.

Format: 5 min warmup  ~  two 6 lap heat races  ~  10 lap final


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